Fay Wolf’s book New Order

A Short Web Video from a Satellite Media Tour.

Professional organizer, actress and musician, Fay Wolf believes that being organized increases creativity by bringing a sense of calm to you life. We shared her awesome organizing tips with radio and television stations to help get them on the road to a streamlined life.


Random House (Ballantine Books)
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Our Task

We booked, produced and directed a SMT with author and songwriter Fay Wolf in a Los Angeles studio.  We helped Fay reach multiple cities and states all across America to tell them all about how they can learn to declutter their lives with her book New Order.

Skills Involved

Working with a specific topic in mind we booked Fay with television and radio stations that would be most interested in the topic of getting organized.  Our seamless production and directing ensured a complete success, reaching all stations on our rundown.