Three Many Cooks by Pamela Anderson, Maggy Keet, and Sharon Damelio

The story in a Partner Integrated Media Tour.

The family trio, Pamela Anderson, Maggy Keet, and Sharon Damelio, get together in our kitchen to show us some of the best tips when preparing for a large family reunion gathering. Partnered with Sabra these three ladies help spread the word about their cookbook while keeping it light and fun. 


Sabra Dipping Company
Produces Middle Eastern-style food products, including hummus, eggplant dip, baba ghanoush, and Mediterranean salsa.
Ballantine Books
An imprint of Random House, it was established in 1952 by the legendary paperback pioneers Ian and Betty Ballantine, publishing original works of both award-winning fiction and nonfiction in both hardcover and paperback formats under one umbrella.

Our Task

Sabra wanted to spread the word that their products were perfect to use during family reunions, and could also be light and healthy. Combining the stories and recipes from the Three Many Cooks cookbook with Sabra was easy! The two partnered easily together in a simple message that we could then package into an partner integrated media tour to reach audiences all across America.

Skills Involved

Managing three talents on set, a gorgeous array of food, and time managing a fully packed rundown is not easy. But with the help of  our capable stage managers, phone producers, and control room team, Auritt pulls it off with grace and style.