Joe Wick’s take on becoming Lean In 15

A Short Web Video from a Satellite Media Tour.


The Body Coach & William Morrow

The Body Coach, has helped tens of thousands of people achieve new levels of fitness and weight loss with his 90 Day Shift, Shape and Sustain program and his Instagram account. He has been featured in Metro, the Daily Mail, Women’s Health UK, Men’s Fitness UK, The Times, Cosmopolitan UK, Grazia, and more. Check out his cheeky videos: @TheBodyCoach! and join the #leanin15 movement.

Our Task

Take a British instagram fitness star and make him famous in the States? Easy! Interviews with online blogs, radio stations, and top market TV stations is the key!

Skills Involved

Calling on the social media savvy stations and blogs was easy and introducing them to Joe was easier.

Making sure they didn’t fall in love with Joe, that was the hard part!

With his pervasive charisma and his innate ability to inspire everyone to be #LeanIn15 our biggest job was just making sure his packed schedule ran smoothly! That’s where our technical prowess and calm nature under high pressure shines through.