Avoiding Mortgage Scams with NeighborWorks America

NeighborWorks is a non-profit organization, working with the public and private sector to improve local communities and to secure safe and affordable housing available to everyone.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with NeighborWorks and helping them get the word out about this project. Through Media Tours, public service announcements and other public outreach initiatives we have helped them reach over 2 million homeowners nationwide.

Transgender Memoirs

We were fortunate enough to produce the Integrated Media Tour promoting two great memoirs, Some Assembly Required and Rethinking Normal written by Arin Andrews and Katie Hill respectively.

We were fortunate enough to produce the Integrated Media Tour promoting two great memoirs, Some Assembly Required and Rethinking Normal written by Arin Andrews and Katie Hill respectively.

Katie and Arin met while each was undertaking their personal journeys towards gender reassignment. Katie was 19 years old going through a transition from male to female when she met Arin, an 18 year-old who was making the opposite transition.

The two grew close while supporting one another through the process; they ended up falling in love. They started a relationship, which later fell apart. Despite their break-up, they remain good friends.

Katie and Arin decided to share their stories in writing, hoping to shed light on the struggles transgender children and teens face, as well as the physical and emotional strain of the gender reassignment process.

rethinking normal

In Rethinking Normal, Katie shares stories about her childhood and her struggles with self-acceptance. She talks candidly about bullying and her suicide attempt when she was only 8 years old. She was bullied by her peers and, more shockingly, by her teachers and role models.






some assembly required

Still in high school, Arin made the decision to undergo gender reassignment surgery after many years of struggling to accept his identity as a girl. In his book, Some Assembly Required, Arin details his journey towards happiness and talks about gender and sexuality with clarity and honesty.






In the studio, Arin shared with us that he is now happily dating a boy, and described the roller-coaster ride through his sexuality. In his journey he has personally been through all the letters in LGBTQ. Starting as a lesbian, through the reassignment process until ultimately becoming a gay man.

Katie and Arin’s stories are truly inspirational and relatable to teens and young

adults everywhere, regardless of their gender identification. Many teens find themselves uncomfortable in their own skin and societal expectations on some level. Rethinking Normal and Some Assembly Required offers comfort, companionship and guidance for anybody who has ever battled with their identity.

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The Walk On by John Feinstein

John Feinstein understands sports. He has written more than 20 books that cover a variety of sports topics. From golfing, through tennis, all the way to American football, John Feinstein has been through it all. He has also worked on several movies, contributed to major sports publications and hosts his own radio show “The john Feinstein Show.”

We have had the pleasure of having John in our studio to talk about his newest novel, The Walk On. The book takes place in the ever-competitive world of high school sports. Alex Meyers, the main protagonists is a promising triple-threat athlete, who finds himself in an unfamiliar situation – he has to compete with a rival. The book discusses some important issues young athletes may encounter. Especially how easily the ruthless competition between young athletes can take a wrong turn.

We prepared a satellite media tour with John to promote The Walk On and have posted the video on YouTube. To find out more about this book, and why it speaks to young athletes, watch it here:

Marisa McClellan: “Preserving by the Pint”

You may know Marisa McClellan from her popular internet blog called Food in Jars or maybe as an expert on urban canning and preserving. Whichever it is, she has taken the next step and now has her own book “Preserving by the Pint.”

Growing up in Oregon, McClellan learned to can at an early age. She started out with basic fruits and advanced her techniques to use smaller batches of ingredients and cut down cooking time significantly. She has now written a book that is meant to be a guide to both cooking novices and also accomplished cooks to teach them the hidden tricks for stopping time in a jar. The recipes in the book range from salsas and pizza to marinades, BBQ sauces, jams, and even pickles!

On August 5, 2014, we held an SMT with Marisa McClellan to talk about her new book and whip up a few recipes of course! Here she made us a couple mouth watering jam and preserve recipes including a cooking demonstration of Blueberry Maple jam. She also gives us a few tips on how to get started in the right direction so we can extend the harvest season and have preservatives year round.


The Hunt: A Challenge for Humanity

Aria Finger is the Chief Operating Officer of DoSomething.org, a national not-for-profit that empowers millions of young people to take action around causes they are passionate about. She has spoken at numerous conferences including a panel of youth unemployment at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Now, she is taking on her next project as DoSomething.org has teamed up with Toyota and created “The Hunt” challenge.

The Hunt is a week long challenge where young people aged 13-25 all across the country take action for a different cause each day. The main objective of this challenge is to activate young adults around issues they care about and together make the world a better place one issue at a time. The Hunt wants to get people not only thinking, but taking action for social change in today’s harsh world. DoSomething.org and Toyota have also picked seven creative social change campaign finalists to activate their one day campaigns in their local communities and across seven cause spaces including the environment, education, and physical and mental health. That’s not all though, there are prizes too! At the end of the week, two participants will be awarded with $10,000 college scholarships and one other winner will receive a chauffeured concert experience for 3.

This challenge is an awesome way for young adults to get involved with their communities and take a stand for important issues that they feel need to be addressed. By doing this, humanitarians are being made and this demand for social change can be put to action.

Here is a picture from our Satellite Media Tour today with Aria Finger to promote The Hunt campaign. For more information go to dosomething.org!


Adelaide Polk Bauman on Modern Wedding Trends

Watch Adelaide Polk Bauman, Lifestyle and Trend Expert with ForeverMark US Inc. as she discusses the new trends for engagements and weddings. From the rings, to the dress, to the location, brides and grooms are shaking it up and making it fabulous!

Wedding and Engagement Trends

Book Expo and Book Con 2014








Book Expo America, also known as BEA to it’s attendees, is a national book trade fair that began in 1947 and takes place within the United States every year. It has become the biggest book industry trade show in the world.  The event has been held over a 4 -day span in a variety of major cities in May/June. Many publishers in the US and from overseas get the chance to exchange ideas, promote their titles, and purchase international and subsidiary rights. For upcoming authors, this is the best opportunity for them to network with well-known publishers, socialize with other writers, and talk about their books. BEA is not only limited to publishers but can also be attended by other book retailers and even librarians.

Since 2009, the BEA has been held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City and is expected to stay there until 2016 where it will then return to Chicago.








Auritt Communications Group will be there again this year. Some authors we are looking out for this year are the sassy “Not That Kind of Girl” writer Lena Dunham, beloved Neil Patrick Harris, who wrote “UNTITLED Memoir,” hilarious Jason Segal, and Jeff Kinney, who is responsible for every kids favorite book and now movie “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”

On Saturday the book expo turns into BookCon, less costumes than ComicCon but just as geeky.  We will also be there to meet Grumpy Cat, Jodi Picoult, and Jonathan Tropper.

The 3-Day Reset with Pooja Mottl

Pooja MottlWhy does pizza sound so much more appealing than quinoa?

Why do we need that extra sugar in our coffee?

How do we break free from processed foods for good—without feeling deprived?

In Pooja Mottl’s new book, The 3-Day Reset, she walks you through the steps that will reboot how you choose and eat food, in just 3 days!

Mottl is a professionally trained Natural Foods Chef, Healthy Eating Coach, and Healthy Living Expert, who has the tools to help you believe that healthy and delicious really do go hand in hand.

Mottl is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute, a world-renowned institution that pairs culinary training with health-promoting food. Mottl also holds a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University and is an NSCA-CPT certified personal trainer. She regularly blogs for the Huffington Post and GAIAM, and she has appeared on WGN TV, Martha Stewart Radio, Style.com, the Green Festival, HuffPost Live, and a variety of additional media outlets.

Mottl educates and empowers readers, in her new book The 3-Day Reset, by sharing eye-opening nutritional information that explains why you should eat whole foods instead of processed, frozen, or packaged foods. Her book will help set you on the path to a healthier lifestyle by outlining ten simple ways to beat your cravings for unhealthy ingredients like sugar, wheat, salt, and chocolate.

Nutrisystem and Dr. Andy Baldwin’s My Way Diet


With the New Year just past us, thousands of Americans made the resolution to lose weight and live healthier in 2014. Though weight loss is one of the top resolutions made year after year, a study published last January in the Journal of Clinical Psychology revealed that only 8% of people actually completed their resolutions.

Dr. Andy Baldwin, MD, is a board-certified family and lifestyle physician, iron-man triathlete and humanitarian. Dr. Baldwin is a firm believer in educating Americans about the warning signs of diabetes and the importance of healthy weight maintenance in the battle against the disease. He is also known to the American television audience for his role on the tenth season of The Bachelor. Working alongside Nutrisystem, Dr. Andy Baldwin has helped many diet-resolution-keepers maintain their goals and get their fitness back on track.



IDENTICAL By Scott Turow

IDENTICAL, which is loosely based on the myth of Castor and Pollux, the twin sons (one mortal and one immortal) of Zeus.  As the story goes, when Castor was killed, Pollux begged Zeus to share his immortality with his brother so that the twins could remain together – Zeus allowed it, and they were transformed into the constellation Gemini.  IDENTICAL tells the story of Paul and Cass Giannis, identical twins, whose future was bright until one fateful day in 1983 when Athena “Dita” Kronon—then-girlfriend of Cass Giannis—was murdered after her family’s summer party. 


The book opens in 2008 as Paul Giannis is mid-way through what looks to be a successful run for mayor of Kindle County, and Cass is about to be released from prison after serving 25 years for Dita’s murder. Dita’s brother, Hal Kronon, is willing to do whatever he can to insure that Cass stays in prison and, using his vast resources, he gets a legal team and an ex-FBI agent—who is the head of security for the Kronon family business —to convince a judge to re-open the investigation into Dita’s murder.  The private investigator on retainer for the Kronons is a former homicide detective who headed the initial investigation.  Tim Brodie, now 81, has his doubts about the way the case unfolded all those years ago.  By the time he was brought in, the crime scene had been compromised several times over by Dita’s family and local police, and then Cass Giannis confessed before everything was fully investigated.  Now that the case is being reexamined, Tim feels personally motivated to get to the bottom of the complex web of murder, sex, and betrayal.  As the story dramatically unfolds and shocking secrets are revealed, a chilling truth comes to light: people will believe what they want to believe.