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Avoiding Mortgage Scams with NeighborWorks America

NeighborWorks is a non-profit organization, working with the public and private sector to improve local communities and to secure safe and affordable housing available to everyone.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with NeighborWorks and helping them get the word out about this project. Through Media Tours, public service announcements and other public outreach initiatives we have helped them reach over 2 million homeowners nationwide.

Transgender Memoirs

We were fortunate enough to produce the Integrated Media Tour promoting two great memoirs, Some Assembly Required and Rethinking Normal written by Arin Andrews and Katie Hill respectively.

Katie and Arin met while each was undertaking their personal journeys towards gender reassignment. Katie was 19 years old going through a transition from male to female when she met Arin, an 18 year-old who was making the opposite transition.

Sneak Peak: Lee Child’s PERSONAL

Today we sat down with Lee Child, the bestselling author of the sensational thriller series about a former military policeman Jack Reacher. Child has had tremendous success with this suspenseful thriller series. The mysterious and intriguing nature of Jack’s sharp analytical intellect and physical strength has been captivating readers for the past seventeen years. The […]

Marisa McClellan: “Preserving by the Pint”

You may know Marisa McClellan from her popular internet blog called Food in Jars or maybe as an expert on urban canning and preserving. Whichever it is, she has taken the next step and now has her own book “Preserving by the Pint.” Growing up in Oregon, McClellan learned to can at an early age. […]

The Hunt: A Challenge for Humanity

Aria Finger is the Chief Operating Officer of DoSomething.org, a national not-for-profit that empowers millions of young people to take action around causes they are passionate about. She has spoken at numerous conferences including a panel of youth unemployment at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Now, she is taking on her next project […]

Adelaide Polk Bauman on Modern Wedding Trends

Watch Adelaide Polk Bauman, Lifestyle and Trend Expert with ForeverMark US Inc. as she discusses the new trends for engagements and weddings. From the rings, to the dress, to the location, brides and grooms are shaking it up and making it fabulous! Wedding and Engagement Trends


Veronica Roth’s debut novel Divergent (2011) was an instant bestseller, immediately embraced by both teen readers and adults alike. Buzz of this new series spread quickly and the release of Insurgent in May 2012 solidified Veronica Roth as a new voice in Young Adult fiction; the book debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestseller’s list […]

Book Expo and Book Con 2014

            Book Expo America, also known as BEA to it’s attendees, is a national book trade fair that began in 1947 and takes place within the United States every year. It has become the biggest book industry trade show in the world.  The event has been held over a 4 […]

The 3-Day Reset with Pooja Mottl

Why does pizza sound so much more appealing than quinoa? Why do we need that extra sugar in our coffee? How do we break free from processed foods for good—without feeling deprived? In Pooja Mottl’s new book, The 3-Day Reset, she walks you through the steps that will reboot how you choose and eat food, […]