The Walk On by John Feinstein

John Feinstein understands sports. He has written more than 20 books that cover a variety of sports topics. From golfing, through tennis, all the way to American football, John Feinstein has been through it all. He has also worked on several movies, contributed to major sports publications and hosts his own radio show “The john Feinstein Show.”

We have had the pleasure of having John in our studio to talk about his newest novel, The Walk On. The book takes place in the ever-competitive world of high school sports. Alex Meyers, the main protagonists is a promising triple-threat athlete, who finds himself in an unfamiliar situation – he has to compete with a rival. The book discusses some important issues young athletes may encounter. Especially how easily the ruthless competition between young athletes can take a wrong turn.

We prepared a satellite media tour with John to promote The Walk On and have posted the video on YouTube. To find out more about this book, and why it speaks to young athletes, watch it here: